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A Typical Day With Us

Every day on Breathe Health Retreats harnesses the power of the breath to take you to wherever you need to be.

However, variety is the spice of life, so each retreat has a different focus, feeling, duration and flavor. There is no typical day.

All retreats involve breathing experiences

For us, the breath is life and is at the core of what we do.

If the idea of a morning filled with an afternoon, free to either Take Time Out or enjoy time in nature sounds good to you, then check out Peak Flow and Natural High

If you’re working on reducing snoring or sleep apnoea symptoms, or even trying to improve sports endurance the take a look at Pure Buteyko.

If it’s a self-development workshop you are seeking then we have some great options for you with Natural Presence, and Inspired Vision.

Many of our retreats incorporate yoga, and time out in nature. The retreats include Peak Flow, and Natural High.

All retreat locations are chosen to be in areas of outstanding natural beauty with great access to outdoor activities.

The choice is yours.

We are here for you and look forward to being of service.

Check out all of our Retreat Options here

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