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Dan is a skilled and gifted facilitator with a huge passion for supporting men and boys of all ages. Using both his personal and professional experience he is able to engage a group and help individuals transform and find both what they want to do next in life as well as what they need to let go of. Dan leads by example and follows his deepest beliefs, many of us have much we can learn from him.

Dr Arne Rubenstein

CEO of Rites of Passage Institute, July 2022

Not sure how I can possibly put the experience of the 4 Archetypes into words. I’ve done a lot of self work and retreats etcetera and I must say- I have never felt so sustainably like a different person and that I and my life is on the right path, like I do now. Couldn’t recommend highly enough, such a beautiful, loving, transformative and transcending experience. The only downside is expect to feel a bittersweet sense of grief of letting go of the experience and the family that I had for those 3 days on the retreat.

James Risos

June 2021

I have been fortunate enough to attend several retreats and workshops with Dan which have had a hugely positive impact on myself and my relationships. Dan has been able to help unlock the wisdom within myself and that we all have within and delivers content with compassion a genuine passion to build community and help as many people as possible tap into the greatness the lies within.

I feel extremely lucky to continue to call him a mentor and a great friend.

I can’t recommend highly enough getting involved in the work that he does as without doubt you will find brotherhood and community and will leave richer for the experience.

Darren McCahon

May 2021

I did a breathework and ice bath session this afternoon down by the water with Dan and a bunch of guys i have never met before. When i left, I felt not only invigorated by the physical processes, but by the connections that occurred in that short time. I can’t wait until the next one is announced!!! Thank you!

Justin Humphrey

November 2020

Hi Dan

Big thank you for the Breathe work Sunday. Man what a way to end the week. Monday was a bloody great day, full of energy.


Adam Smith

October 2020

I highly recommend Dan as a wise, compassionate and effective facilitator of men’s work.

I attended a retreat at Mount Perisher during winter where Dan was a facilitator. I had understood that the retreat was just about testing oneself against difficult physical conditions in the cold, but it turned out to be so much more.

Dan’s wise words about facing life’s challenges and his calm yet confident approach had a very positive impact on all the participants.

Thank you for your great work Dan!

Marko Filipovic

July 2021

Dan is an absolute gem! His dedication to ‘doing the work’ of supporting the evolution of self and community is remarkable to see. He is a beautifully gentle facilitator with a strong ability to hold a group together through challenging processes and I always look forward to an opportunity to sit in circle with him!

Roland Fraval

July 2022