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The Crew

As well as the breath, at the core of Breathe Health Retreats are the people who make it all happen…Meet the core team.

We also choose specific guest team members for each retreat. We all have different skills, so we ensure we choose the right ingredients to make each retreat just right.

Dan Hanson

You will find Dan on all of our retreats and events. He’s the man behind Breathe Health Retreats and it is his passion for all things breath related that sparked the idea to deliver a breath based retreats model.

He is the first person in the world to be both qualified as an Associate Buteyko Institute breathing educator and begin training with the Wim Hof Academy to become a Certified Wim Hof Method Instructor. He is currently a Wim Hof Academy Instructor in training. His final training element in Poland was postponed due to COVID restrictions.

When he’s not involved with Breathe Health Retreats, Dan performs laser oral surgery on infants when they are not able to feed properly, and on other age groups for challenges like speech difficulties and works a lot with young children to help prevent sleep apnoea.

He facilitates on personal development programs for Men’s Wellbeing, a national not-for-profit helping men to connect with themselves and the people in their communities; and does similar work for The Rites of Passage Institute on camps for fathers and sons.

Skills and experience

  • Breathe Health Retreats Founder
  • Wim Hof Instructor in training
  • Certified Buteyko Institute of Breathing and Health practitioner
  • Lead facilitator for the Common Ground Men’s Wellbeing
  • Facilitator at The Rites of Passage Institute
  • Internationally recognised lecturer on functional breathing and facial development
  • First Aid certificate holder

Dan is a member of The Gathering Crew

Brad McDonnell

You will find Brad on most of our retreats and events. He carries multiple leadership roles within Breathe Health Retreats, particularly in logistics roles. It is his passion for men’s work which led him to connect with Dan Hanson BHR founder.

He is a proud Stepdad to two amazing step-kids with his partner Melissa. He creates and runs courses for stepdads and has a passion for supporting men with mentorship and guidance. Like all of us at Breathe Health Retreats, he has a great attraction to cold exposure, breathwork and also personal development.

When Brad is not working with Breath Health Retreats you will find him in his ultimate place of peace in nature either mountain biking, surfing or camping off-grid in the wilderness.

Brad’s skill with integrating his lived experiences into his everyday life is a huge gift which he uses to help others.

Brad’s favourite quote:

“Look deep into nature, and then you will understand everything better.” – Albert Einstein

Skills and experience

  • Breathe Health Retreats Co Facilitator
  • Breathe Health Retreats Lead Logistics
  • Founder for “Stepping into Dads” supporting Stepdads in blended families
  • Co Facilitator Rebirthing Breath workshops
  • First Aid certificate holder

Brad is a member of The Gathering Crew

Meghan Kurts

Meg is the solo parent of a 5-year-old boy, author of 2 books, and CEO of EVOHE ethical skincare.

Her lived experience through births, deaths, business and burnout over the last 20 years has provided Meg with a deep insight into our common humanity.

Her deepest anchors in recovery are based in Self-Care and understanding her Cyclical Nature. 

Meg’s two books titled WTF – A Mans Guide and When Sh*t Gets Real – A Woman’s guide are a resource of her learnings and a collaborative offering from men and women in her circles.  Both of these books are the inspiration for a number of workshops and courses for both men and women.

Her podcast series “He Said, She Said” is launching soon and Meg is excited to share her creative explorative processes for men and women offline and in real life.  Meg also facilitates women’s Nurture Circles, along with embodiment practices including Gong Fu Cha Tea Ceremony. 

Meg is a member of The Gathering Crew

Filippa Araki

Filippa is passionate about sharing the tools and insights of Compassionate Communication and Compassion Focused Therapy that have transformed her inner and outer life.

Through decades of personal questing and growth, she has gained personal experience of the radical difference that conscious communication skills make in relating to self, others and the environment.

By developing an inner space of self-compassion and understanding, we bring more love, acceptance, and integrity to all our relationships.

Mother of two, educator for over 30 years, and an internationally certified trainer in Nonviolent Communication (NVC), Filippa loves to support others’ journeys towards living more lightly on the Earth in connected and sustainable communities.

Filippa is a member of The Gathering Crew

Yuli Ong

You will find Yuli at many of our retreats and events, particularly those in The Snowy Mountains where she’s an integral member of the local community and has a wealth of local knowledge.

She’s our retreat coordinator for most retreats as well as our afternoon optional fun arranger. Having been a ski and snowboard instructor at Thredbo and a competition level mountain bike racer, she knows all the great places to go to get high on life in The Snowy Mountains.

When she’s not involved with Breathe Health Retreats, she is a dedicated mother to Ari and is known as Jindabyne’s friendly local dentist.

Skills and experience

  • Breathe Health Retreats Coordinator
  • Ski and snowboard instructor (insert years)
  • Mountain bike (insert) champion (insert years)
  • First Aid certificate holder

Rach Hanson

You will find Rach on some of our retreats and events. She’s the woman who stands firmly alongside the man behind Breathe Health Retreats. Always a calming presence and there to listen to your needs to make sure you’re having a great time.

When she’s not involved with Breathe Health Retreats, Rach enjoys growing her own vegetables and loves karaoke! She takes her karaoke machine into clinics where people are experiencing depression and anxiety – to help bring joy to their day.

Skills and experience

  • Breathe Health Retreats Administrator
  • IKON Institute Art Therapist

Guest facilitators

We have an amazing network of guest facilitators.

Meet Jane:

Jane is an experienced Yogi with 35 years on the mat. Yoga has ushered her through raising three sons on her own, through business success and decades of self-sufficiency.

She is now Grandma to four beautiful grandchildren.

Jindabyne (near Thredbo) Yoga Shala is her Yoga baby. Inevitably, this ancient science has become the centre of her life path. The past five years have been spent studying, nurturing teachers, guiding students and gathering knowledge from the worlds’ best Yogis.

As a mature mama who has faced the challenges of life with grace, she embodies the wise woman, holding much to share with young seekers.

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