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Why Take Time Out With Us

Breathe Health Retreats are unique

Our approach is to use your breath, to access the body and the mind to provide you with the best opportunity to experience the innate wisdom which already exists within you.

Our intention is to facilitate an experience which allows you to experience the present moment to its fullest, which may be a catalyst for you to step forwards into your most fulfilled future with a renewed sense of possibility and freedom; or just to simply relax and feel yourself again.

Whether you are seeking a ‘peak life experience’, health gains, time out, relaxation, stress management, or just an opportunity to have fun and be challenged, we are here to support your best self.

Value for money

Doing these extra ‘add-on’ activities is another reason to join us.

As a group of people we are able to get amazing deals for our ‘retreat add-ons’ such as accommodation, lift passes, and equipment hire.

So for those of you wishing to stay in the same accommodation location as us, or for those joining us in spending the afternoons adventuring in the wild, we offer great value for money.

Typically we can provide you with either a discount code for the hire of equipment such as mountain bikes, or we can arrange a bulk order by grouping together all of our guests into one booking prior to the retreat.

Buteyko Institute Method

Retreat options include at least one of these 3 extremely powerful health practices, together with the opportunity for time-out in nature, to give you an experience that will leave you energised, rested, calm and clear.

We invite you to join us at your chosen retreat in the location of your choice.

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Self Awareness workshops

Time-out to rest

A typical day with us