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Open Space – Taking Time Out

Deliberate rest, is the true key to productivity, and will give us more energy, sharper ideas, and a better life.

Alex Soojung-Kim Pang

from his book ‘Rest’

A key component of all residential Breathe Health Retreats is to make open space to take time out from the structure and timetable. There will always be a few hours when you can choose to either join us for some optional fun, such as mountain bike riding or do whatever you want to do. Have a snooze, read a book, or simply ‘be’.

Optional activities^ may include joining us on a hike, or a mountain bike ride*, or come rock climbing* with us.

*These are booked at an extra cost due the need to hire equipment, or instructors depending on the activity.
^Activities vary according to retreat location, weather conditions and availability and are not a formal part of the retreats.

Value for money doing these extra ‘add-on’ activities is another reason to join us.

As a group of people we are able to get amazing deals for our ‘retreat add-ons’ such as accommodation, lift passes, and equipment hire.

So for those of you wishing to stay in the same accommodation location as us, or for those joining us in spending the afternoons adventuring in the wild, we offer great value for money.

Typically we can provide you with either a discount code for the hire of equipment such as mountain bikes, or we can arrange a bulk order by grouping together all of our guests into one booking prior to the retreat.