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MENifesto – the launch event @Dust Temple 

Date: Tuesday 9th March 2021

Join us for the launch of this new and exciting project. MENifesto provides high quality experiential workshops, events, retreats, mentorship and men’s groups with core principle to serve through encouraging self-responsibility, and accountability. It is our experience that men can support men very effectively when kindness and radical honesty are applied in equal measures to shine a light onto blind spots. When our blind spots are seen and felt they can be acknowledged, understood and integrated.

Why are we different? at the heart of our philosophy is integration with the feminine. We are not just a men’s group. It is all well and good to sit in a safe space with a group of men who have sworn to not judge you. It s our experience that the real test of any self development work comes when we get home to our families.

So for the final part of this special event we will be welcoming some of our female facilitation team. This is an opportunity not to be missed. Please read the event schedule below for more details.

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