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The Community Solution – Leadership and Facilitation Training Program

  • Do You See A Need For Change But Don’t Know What To Do?
  • Or Have You Tried To Bring Positive Change But With Little Or No Effect?
  • Be Part Of This Tried And Tested Solution Now!

What if there was a time in the not-too-distant future when it would be considered ‘the norm’ to have close connections with a large cohort of local acquaintances within a short distance from your home? Not living together under one roof and not necessarily sharing land. Just doing some aspects of life together, meeting regularly and enjoying a common purpose….to look after one another and be connected.

This group would provide support for one another during difficult times, as well as provide a sense of belonging, share resources and wisdom, enjoy laughter and have fun together.

‘The Community Solution’ is a vision for connecting humanity. It’s a big task and it starts with you. We are about to train facilitators across Australia now.

Why Enrol in The Community Leadership And Facilitation Program:

  • Play your role in connecting humanity and being the solution
  • Develop your leadership skills
  • Learn how to effectively facilitate groups of people
  • Share in tried and tested protocols to build group trust
  • Feel confident and competent to form a group yourself
  • Understand the steps required to set up a group in your community
  • Become part of a growing network of support and solutions

I look forward to assisting you to develop your leadership and facilitation skills to a point where you feel confident and competent to facilitate your own local community group.

Dan Hanson

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