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The Thrive at Five

Come and experience the liberating sensations of breath work followed by the exhilaration of an ice bath. Our Secret Sunday Sunset Sessions have become very popular!

‘Thrive at 5’ is an event with an aim to create a community of ‘Breathworkers and Ice-bathers’ on The Tweed, and has an option to bring a share plate for a communal dining experience after the official event. 

During the 2 hour workshop you will learn some of the physiology, plus useful information about both breath-work and cold exposure… then you’ll get to experience it for yourself!

Unfortunately this is not suitable for everyone. If you have these conditions it is not recommended;

  • Epilepsy
  • Asthma
  • Serious heart condition

*If you are pregnant this is also not something you can do (yet). We hope to see you sometime soon.


You’ll need to be dressed in swimwear with warm clothes over the top. Consider bringing a cosy blanket for the breath work and bring a towel to lie on and to get dry later. We will be outside and undercover for the whole workshop.

Where: ‘Thrive at 5’ is held in Carool, NSW – 20 minutes inland from the Tweed Coast, near the Southern Gold Coast.

More details, such as the exact address will be supplied 48 hours prior to the event. Please book well in advance to avoid missing out since there are limited spaces.

The event is undercover. However, in the event of severe storms, the event will be cancelled and a 90% refund can be made to allow for booking fees, or alternatively we can keep your fee and you can come to the next workshop. ‘Thrive at 5’ is usually held every 4 to 6 weeks.

This event is held during the Summer months. For a similar experience during the winter months please see Supercharge Sunday.