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Buteyko Institute Method

Before I found the Buteyko Institute Method, I had sleep apnoea. I would wake most nights gasping for air. With practice and commitment I began to sleep calmly and wake refreshed. I’m a different person as a result.

Dan Hanson

Breathe Health Retreats Founder

Learning the Buteyko breathing technique

It can assist you to improve the way you breathe and thereby get relief from physical, emotional and psychological symptoms associated with hyperventilation and other aspects of dysfunctional breathing.

The Buteyko Institute Method is a health education program involving breathing retraining techniques, posture, and lifestyle guidelines, to return breathing to normal physiological levels.

It is based on principles of respiratory physiology, biochemistry and physics.

This program provides relief and prevention of symptoms. Participants learn how to breathe correctly at rest when sleeping, exercising, speaking, eating, and performing daily activities.

The Buteyko Institute of Breathing and Health (BIBH) is a not for profit organisation which regulates and represents BIBH accredited practitioners in a number of countries around the world, with the majority of practitioners being based in Australia and New Zealand. Breathe Health Retreats founder Dan Hanson is a registered BIBH practitioner.

Codes of conduct for BIBH practitioners are set out in a clear constitution which has achieved ISO accreditation, and practitioners are required to undertake continuing professional development courses, including first-aid.

The BIM is commonly used to reduce signs and symptoms for a number of conditions relating to breathing dysfunction including but not limited to:

It can also be used to enhance sports performance and endurance.

For more information regarding common symptoms of breathing dysfunction check out this link to the Buteyko website and the Buteyko Institute Website Questionnaire

What does the BIM do about breathing dysfunction?

Once breathing dysfunction has been established, the client will be invited to take part in the BIM which lasts for 4 consecutive days in most cases. Each session lasts around 60 to 90 minutes and involves the following:

1. Breathing awareness and acquisition of knowledge

By becoming aware of daily breathing habits such as mouth breathing in a variety of situations, such as during speech and exercise, participants can become more conscious of their breath.By understanding the things which affect breathing, participants are able to have positive effects on their breathing patterns through lifestyle changes, and other simple techniques to improving breathing function. Did you know that sleeping position, posture, nutritional and emotional states can all affect breathing patterns?

2. Breathing exercises

These include exercises to help unblock the nose when congested, as well as a series of exercises which aim to establish more normal breathing patterns, which when practiced over time, have been shown to reduce the symptoms of dysfunctional breathing.

Check out this nose clearing exercise on the SleepYstrip website

This is a product, invented by Breathe Health Retreats founder Dan Hanson to help assist with exclusive nose breathing.

The overall result is that the participant is able to reduce their susceptibility to their condition and in some cases, eliminate their symptoms, or improve sports performance.

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