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Breathwork and Cold Exposure 101 Half Day workshop

If you want to know all about what happens in the body during breathwork and cold exposure, this one’s for you.

Hear Dan Hanson, Breathe Health Retreats founder break down the science, research and physiology before getting to experience it all for yourself.

Dan has lectured to professional audiences all around the world since 2012 on many subjects including breathing physiology. He’s also qualified in the Buteyko Method (since 2012) and also trained with the Wim Hof Academy to Advanced Level in Los Angeles in 2020. Since that time he’s been on various teams (including his own) leading people through Breathwork and Cold Exposure events in many locations.

With this workshop, you’ll not only learn about the breath and cold exposure from a seasoned educator, you’ll also get to experience it for yourself.

This is a 4 hour half-day group workshop, usually held at our beautiful property in Northern New South Wales 20 minutes inland from Tweed Heads, and includes light refreshments during your time with us.  If you have a private or corporate group, we can come to your chosen location (Fees vary for different locations).

Please see the DATES and FEES page for more information.


Unfortunately this is not suitable for everyone. If you have these conditions it is not not recommended;

  • Epilepsy
  • Asthma
  • Serious heart condition

*If you are pregnant this is also not something you can do (yet). We hope to see you sometime soon.

You’ll need to be dressed in swimwear with warm comfortable clothes over the top. Consider bringing a cosy blanket for the breath-work and bring a towel to lie on and get dry later. We will be outside for the whole workshop, mostly in lightly shaded areas.

Where: Workshops are run at various locations. Please see the dates and fees page for this.

In the event of severe weather, the event will be cancelled and a 90% refund can be made to allow for booking fees, or alternatively we can keep your fee and you can come to the next workshop.