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BreathCoach Buteyko Non-Residential Course @ The Northern New South Wales House

A Complete Buteyko Institute Course for snoring, sleep apnoea, mouth breathing and more

This course is usually done on four consecutive days. However occasionally we do an intensive course on Saturday and Sunday. It can be used for many symptoms and also to improve sports performance.

The perfect man breathes as if he is not breathing

Lao Tzu

After you have attended your breathing consultation you may book onto the BreathCoach Buteyko course. Your consultation is ideally done in person. However, for those travelling from afar it may be done online via Zoom.

Retreat focus: The Buteyko Institute Method

Buteyko Breathing Normalisation can be used to help with many things including:

  • asthma
  • snoring
  • sleep apnoea
  • panic attacks
  • sports performance


  • Registered and qualified BIBH associate practitioner Dan Hanson will teach you the method
  • Review appointments at 1 week and 4 weeks after the course
  • 4 consecutive days of Buteyko workshops

Not included:

  • Initial consultation
  • Transfers to and from the venue

Who should come

  • Ages 5 and over. There is no upper age limit- If under age 18 you will need to attend with a parent or guardian
  • Your main goal is to try to become more healthy and reduce symptoms of dysfunctional breathing, or improve sports performance
  • Suitable for all medical histories. Each person will be given exercises appropriate for their health status.

Dates and fees for this course will be chosen after your consultation. Some courses are private 1 on 1 and others are in Groups of up to 5 people. If you wish to have a consultation to prepare for the Buteyko Non Residential course please use our contact form on the Contact Us We will provide details of costs and dates when we reply to your message since both can vary from time to time.