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Natural Presence

A 4 day, 3 night immersion into truth. Authenticity connects. However it requires being vulnerable. What stops you from being truly authentic and vulnerable?…Let’s find out.

Natural Presence uses experiential workshops combined with evidence based research to create greater self-awareness and facilitate insights into what feels true for you. There’s an invitation to set some goals for your well-being, understand your current reality, create opportunities for growth and create accountabilities and responsibility for the integration of your insights. In addition to professionally facilitated self-development workshops, Natural Presence involves being in nature and tapping in to your inner wisdom with breath work, cold exposure and commitment workshops. We invite you to take the path less travelled.

Until you make the unconscious conscious, it will direct your life and you will call it fate.

Carl Jung

Retreat focus: Practice of self-awareness, and presence

Other areas of focus: Relationships to self and others

Other areas of focus: Authentic communication

You will also experience: The power of breathwork

You will also experience: The power of cold water immersion

You will also experience: The power of commitment

Also included: Great vegetarian food

Accommodation in dorm style bunks or tents depending on the location

Natural Presence at a glance:

  • Professionally facilitated self-development workshops
  • Breath work, cold exposure and commitment workshops
  • All-inclusive residential retreat
  • Spend time in nature


  • Initial 30 minute Zoom session with our lead facilitator within 2 weeks of the retreat
  • All workshops
  • Day 1 dinner. Arrival is at 2pm
  • Day 2 breakfast lunch and dinner
  • Day 3 breakfast lunch and dinner
  • Day 3 breakfast. Check out is at 11am
  • Accommodation in tents
  • Check in 1 week after with our lead facilitator

Not included:

  • Transfers

Who should come

  • You are aged 25 and over
  • You have a reasonable level of fitness so can walk up a flight of stairs without being out of breath
  • Your main goal is to explore self-awareness
  • Not suitable for those with heart conditions, or epileptics