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Online 1-on-1 Guidance

Options include:

  • Personal guidance, self-awareness and relationship coaching
  • Breathwork experiences (various modalities)
  • Cold Exposure training (ice bath)

What do you want from your session? What is your intention?

If you wish to tackle a specific area of your life, or enjoy your own unique 1 on 1 experience, we invite you to book a 90 minute private session tailored to your needs. You may choose one, or combine any of the above options.

Use the 1-on-1 time to go deeper into the experience for personal growth, relaxation or emotional release. Or if ‘information’ and knowledge is your thing we can go deeper into the physiology and research behind all things in ‘self awareness’, ‘breathwork’ or ‘cold exposure’. It’s your session so you get to choose.

Your session will be facilitated by Dan Hanson, Breathe Health Retreats founder.

Dan is a highly experienced ‘self-inquiry’ and personal growth work facilitator. His passion is to help people with what he calls “Self-leadership.” His mantra is “First lead the ‘self’ and then offer leadership to others.” Dan has run many workshops at numerous men’s gatherings and various rites of passage camps as well as having been the creator of several men’s self-inquiry wilderness weekend retreats for over 10 years.

His creations have included ‘The 3 Questions Retreat’ and ‘The 4 Archetypes Retreat’ and ‘Lighting The Shadow’. All of these events are designed to help individuals go deep within and to help express the wisdom which exists already inside of them. Often this wisdom is masked by a need to please, or a desire to fit in, or the shame of living and authentic life which has often been programmed from early childhood.

He is also a ‘lead facilitator’ for a number of self development based organisations.

Whether it’s a 1-on-1 ‘self leadership’ consultation that you are wishing for, or a group consultation for your business, Dan is able to tailor a program to your needs.

In addition, he is a very well educated and experienced ‘breathing educator’ with over 10 years of experience working with people in this field and has lectured on ‘functional breathing topics to professional medical and dental audiences in Australia, Japan, USA, New Zealand, UK and France. Since first qualifying in the Buteyko Method in 2012 to improve his own sleep, Dan has explored and trained in numerous other modalities including the Wim Hof Method (completed Advanced training in LA), Intermittent Hypoxic Hypocapnoic Training, Oxygen Advantage and more.

Please CONTACT US to describe you ideal 1-on-1 session, including location (at our headquarters or your own location)

Cost: Variable